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/// What is a charge-air cooler?

Call it an aftercooler or call it an intercooler but the industry standard name is Charge Air Cooler or CAC. Look at any OEM automaker who has offered an Eaton based supercharger and they have all had charge air cooling. The supercharger kits available from the major domestic companies also include CAC. Why don?t the common import kits have any cooling? Answer: COST! In order the keep the costs down; they opted to eliminate the charge cooling option. That is not too bad if you are boosting less than 5psi, but when the boost goes up, so does the heat.

Recognizing the benefits that CAC offers and that more Honda Civic Si owners wanted more from their supercharged cars and some were even afraid to drive them in the summer heat, we decided to see what we could do with the CTE manifold. After many careful measurements and many hours modeling on the computer we are proud to have developed what you see today.

/// Kool Boost? 1.25 for 2006-2011 Honda Civic Si

Easy to bolt on IMT charge-air cooler.

  • 1.25" thick IMT exclusive high density core in the manifold.

  • Easily upgradable to the 2.25" core.

  • Optional .25" thick phenolic spacer to insulate the blower case from the intake manifold heat.

/// Kool Boost? 2.25 for 2006-2011 Honda Civic Si

Our highest performing charge-air cooler.

  • 2.25" thick IMT exclusive high density core in the manifold.

  • Features a 1" thick phenolic spacer to provide room for the larger core and insulates the blower case from the intake manifold heat.

  • Up to a 20-30 degree drop in case temperature.

/// Both kits include

  1. Charge Air Core and Plate Assembly

    • New for 2013 is an IMT exclusive high density bar-and-plate air-to-water core
    • The core's tanks are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and welded to the core. Corners are radiused to reduce turbulence. No sheet metal tanks here!
    • All mating parts are sealed with o-rings, so there is no welding to warp the critical mounting points.
    • The entire assembly is pressure tested under water before shipping.
  2. Heat exchanger or Low Temperature Radiator (LTR)

    • The LTR is 12" x 18" cross flow and is manufactured in the USA to our specifications.
    • It includes a drain and a small orifice that automatically bleeds the air back to the reservoir. No need to worry about getting the air out of the system. It happens automatically.
    • The LTR utilizes mounting studs and rubber grommets much like the OEM radiators. This allows for flex in the chassis and expansion /contraction to prevent cracking. The LTR bolts to all factory locations; there is no cutting required and no rubbing.
  3. Water Pump

    • The pump is an OEM automotive Bosch water pump rated for 5000 hours of continuous use.
    • We include a pump mount, cushioned with high temperature silicone rubber that fits in a factory threaded hole location. No cutting required for installation.
  1. Wiring harness

    • We supply a Plug and Play wiring harness that contains a pump relay, pump fuse, fuse tap for the fuse box, plug for the pump, and the positive and ground wires. No cutting of any OEM wires required for installation.
  2. Coolant Reservoir and Mount

    • Roto-molded OEM looking fill reservoir with pressurized cap.
    • Custom machined reservoir mount that provides a central location for the reservoir, relay and fuse holder. Comes pre-assembled. The mount bolts to the OEM driver?s side motor mount using the OEM hole locations. The mount is isolated from vibrations through rubber mounts.
    • If you have Hasport, Boomba or Innovate driver's side motor mounts we have adapters available to allow them to work.
    • Note: A cold air tube style intake is required in place of the factory air box to use our mount.
  3. Hoses and Clamps

    • All hoses are included and are rough cut to size allowing for final trimming during installation
    • All hose clamps are SAE spring style. No worm drives here!
  4. Instruction Manual

    • We provide an extensive instruction manual that contains both photos, and exploded views of CAD models for clarification.

/// Dyno Graphs & Testing

Dyno Graph showing Kool Boost 2.25 gains 30hp with tuning!
IMT Inlet with TL Throttle Body IMT Inlet/TL TB combined with Kool Boost 2.25 CAC
Dyno Graph showing Kool Boost 2.25 gains 30hp with tuning!

Dyno Graph showing the evolution of power when IMT parts are added to a standard CT Engineering Kit. The only chages were the inlet/TL TB then the Kool Boost 2.25. Same header, exhaust, pulley.
Dashed - CT-E Stage 2, Skunk 2 header, 3" exhuast Dotted - IMT Inlet, Acura TL Throttle body IMT Inlet, Acura TL TB, Kool Boost 2.25
Dyno Graph showing the evolution of power when IMT parts are added to a standard CT Engineering Kit. The only chages were the inlet/TL TB then the Kool Boost 2.25. Same header, exhaust, pulley.

/// Product Reviews

What our customers had to say.

...the kit installation went without any issues. I was very impressed with the quality of all the parts. I have not been that impressed in a long time with aftermarket parts. Kudos to you guys! The guys at King Motorsports were very impressed with how well the aftercooler worked. They said they have never seen IAT's this low ever with a CT or Jackson kit. Apparently they didn't go above 105 degrees the entire time it was on the dyno which was 2 days straight of no stop pulls. Joe K. 4/22/13

Hey Troy, Received all the goodies today. :) As with your other products, the flange adapter, and phenolic spacer are really top quality. Cant wait to get everything fitted.Got my supercharger and aftercooler kit installed and running. Must say it works fantastic. Guys at the install shop were very impressed with the aftercooler fabrication. Andy T 12/14/12

Well the install could not have went smother. Your instructions could not have been more clear. You have made a great product and performance was proven on the dyno. My wife is very pleased. The vehicle produced 337 WHP and 235 Torque on a Dyno Pack dyno. Mike L. 1/15/13

The install went flawless. Thing is amazing. Car pulls harder. Just need a retune cos it leaned by .4 at wot. Thanks man. Can't never thank you enough for your quick responses. Lol never had a customer service like what you gave me. Jayson S.

"I can not say enough good things about IMT. They put alot of thought and effort into making sure everything works perfect and is easy to install. Their stuff truly is a work of art! On top of that, the service I recieved from them has been top notch. They even shipped my ac the morning before hurricane Sandy was due to go right over the top of them. This was definitley above and beyond my expectations!!" Ross H.

Just want to let you know that the AC is pretty awesome! Dave did the install and he said that instructions and install was pretty straight forward. Its performing really well. Took it to a 1/8 track last Friday and did over 15 runs with it and it didnt even heat up the engine. Quality of the product is definitely top notch! Im glad I bought it! Keep up the good work and quality! Thats what keeps people coming back and I recommend IMT to others before anyone else. Paolo G.

I installed my kit Friday! I really like the fact that everything is pre wired and that the pump stay active for about 30 sec after turning off the car! JP

Love the cooler can't wait to install. Hx looks gr8 Scean

Hi Troy I was able to at least open the box last night which I am glad I finally got to as I would not have slept well knowing I hadn't ha ha ha. As expected the parts look beautiful and very well designed IMHO. Thomas

Finished installing the aftercooler. It went smooth!!! Mark

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