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/// IMT High Speed Idler Pulleys

Tired of failure prone aluminum or plastic idler pulleys? There is finally an alternative.

We evaluated failed idler pulleys to determine their failure mode. We used this information to design and develop a direct replacement, high-speed smooth idler for any CT or JR supercharger kit that uses a 2? or 50mm idler pulley with 7 rib poly belts. The stock crank pulley on an Si, when combined with an 8200 rpm limit, spins the idler at over 23,000 rpm. This rpm is beyond the supplied pulley bearing rpm. If you are using a 6.37? crank pulley on your Si, then you are seeing over 27,000 rpm @ 8500 rpm.

We used FEA to determine the best material and pulley geometry to sustain the high speeds and then sourced custom high speed bearings. The housings are precision machined to match our strict design tolerances. These are the first parts that IMT designed that do not create power but are instead attempting to increase reliability. All of the HP in the world won?t help if you are sitting on the side of the road! As with all of our manufactured products, they are proudly made in the USA.

/// Applications

Direct Replacment for common after-market smooth idler pulleys such as:

  • CT Engineering 50mm aluminum Idler pulley

  • Jackson Racing/Moss Motors plastic molded 2" diameter idler pulley

/// Design Features

Precision Machined from Austenitic Stainless Steel

  • 50mm diameter

  • Width for up to a 7 rib poly vee belt

  • Proprietary High Speed Bearings

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