Who We Are

Co-Owners Troy and Brad, the inspiration behind Innovative Motorsports Technologies, LLC. They have 25+ years of combined experience engineering, designing and building many types of parts and equipment. They are lifelong automotive enthusiasts with 40+ years of combined experience modifying and building many types of automobiles. They began modifying Hondas in the early 90's before the import car scene really became popular. Many times they were required to make their own parts because nothing in the aftermarket existed.

The Idea

In 2004, using their experience with Eaton superchargers, they developed a product prototype twin screw supercharger for the Honda S2000 since nothing existed in the marketplace at that time. They spent 1000's of hours on the CAD station reverse engineering the interface to the s2000 parts. They decided the they needed to take their machining capability to the next level so Brad invested in a CNC mill. After a few redesigns they created the twin screw setup that is still operational on Troy's S2000.

IMT Was Born

Using their design, engineering and machining capabilities developed with the S2000 supercharger setup, they realized there was room for improvement in the existing aftermarket supercharger kits for Hondas. Utilizing the latest 3D modeling software and CNC equipment, they set off to create the highest quality; cleanest installing, and highest performing parts available in the automotive aftermarket.

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