First we wanted to gain as much hood clearance as possible for future charge air cooler upgrades. Secondly, it provided more room for the in/outlet tubes on the charge air cooler plate. Finally, it looks much cleaner in the engine bay.
The standard inlet will allow the Civic SI, Acura TSX, or Accord 3.5L TB to bolt on.
Yes, however it requires the use of specially machined bolts that we manufacture.
Yes, however the bolt patterns are different. Therefore you will need our J37 flange that replaces the standard Si flange.
Yes, we include all new stainless steel bolts with the inlets.
We utilize a new o-ring to seal the inlet to the supercharger surface. We also use an o-ring to seal the flange to the inlet body. They are reusable so you may take them apart repeatedly without a need for replacement. We do not include new OEM Honda paper throttle body gaskets. We do offer them for or sale, or they can be purchased from a Honda dealer.
Our standard colors are mill finish or black anodized. Both are offered at the same price. The mill finish is the bare aluminum as it comes off the CNC milling machine. It is very shiny, but not polished. Custom colors are available for an extra charge and a longer lead time.
Yes, but we do not offer polishing but the bare aluminum can be polished to a very high luster.
The inlet and flanges are made from 6061-T6 Aluminum.
CTE made design compromises when the kit was introduced. This created a heavily shrouded condition for the throttle plate resulting in a small amount of vacuum is being created between the blower inlet and the throttle body. This causes the blower to have to work harder to draw air through the “small straw”. By eliminating this vacuum, the blower does not have to work as hard and more air flows through without spinning the blower any faster.
Currently, you can only buy directly from IMT. We may have dealers in the future.
Yes, installation is very easy. We provide a 2 page installation guide to ensure a smooth installation process.
The Injen #SP1578P CAI tube works and fits well. Many customers are using custom 3.5” tubes for maximum gains with the larger throttle bodies.
If you are using the Injen #SP1578P CAI, we recommend the NAPA 7777 or Gates 21065 upper radiator hose as it creates more clearance for the intake elbow.
Yes, it will bolt right on. The Injen intake elbow will have to be modified however.
The throttle cable causes interference with the vacuum tubes. We can make a custom inlet and flange to allow it to fit properly. Please inquire if interested.
The Kool Boost 1.25 utilizes a 1.25” thick core; the Kool Boost 2.25 uses a 2.25” core, as well as a 1” thick phenolic spacer to create the necessary space for the deeper core.
Yes! Our system is modular so all you need to change is the core assembly and 1” spacer. The rest of the systems are identical.
Yes, we have a ¼ inch thick phenolic spacer available so you get the benefit of insulating your blower and core from the manifold heat. As long as you used the CTE A/C line spacer you should not have to bend the A/C line.
Our first generation kits used Bell Intercooler cores. We upgraded to a proprietary higher density bar and plate core in January 2013 to maximize cooling performance, with the lowest possible pressure drop. Our cores are the largest available that fit within the constraints of the CTE manifold.
We worked very hard to minimize the cutting of your car. The Kool Boost 1.25 only requires slight trimming of a plastic shroud next to the radiator for a hose to pass. The Kool Boost 2.25 also requires the bending of the A/C line to clear the nose of the supercharger.
We consulted industry experts to determine the sizing of the LTR. It is made completely custom to our specifications so we could have made it any size or thickness. Turns out that thicker is not better when it comes to an LTR, exposed surface area is. Therefore we chose to design the tallest, widest, thinnest unit that would fit, without cutting up the car or rubbing anywhere. It is also a dual pass design. Multiple back to back dyno runs and pulls on the street have proven that there is no heat soak and the temperatures drop back down to cruise temperatures within 15 seconds.
We designed the system with an automatic bleed orifice that allows all the air to escape from the LTR back to the fill reservoir. All you need to do is fill the system and it bleeds itself!
We measured 4.6 GPM at 14volts, using the supplied Bosch pump.
Of course! All our mounts are CNC machined from aluminum. They mount very similarly to the OEM Honda radiator. They use posts and rubber grommets to isolate the LTR from frame twist etc. all in an effort to prevent cracking. The LTR can be installed in minutes and does not require the removal or modification of the crash bar. We currently have mounts for both the 2 and 4 door Civic Si’s. Please make sure to specify when ordering.
Most of our customers use some sort of tube CAI. Therefore we used the location where the OEM air box was. We designed a CNC machined aluminum bracket that bolts to the driver’s side OEM motor mount. This bracket also serves as a mounting location for the pump relay and fuse. The mount is pre-assembled with the reservoir, pump relay and fuse.
We designed a CNC machined aluminum bracket and a selection of standoffs that will accommodate the Hasport, Boomba and Innovate mounts. They are optional so please specify when ordering.
It depends on your skills, but typically about 6-8 hours. We do provide a 15+ page installation manual.
Yes. In order to keep the flow symmetrical about the core center line and make enough room for the inlet/outlet tubes, our inlet is required. The inlet works so well that it is a must have upgrade for any CTE supercharger owner.
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